“There are many pleasures on display in this excellent new mystery by Henry Kisor, book editor and literary columnist for the Chicago Sun-Times: characters who leap from the page and lodge instantly in your mind, a plot that manages to be outrageous and logical at the same time, a brisk and pungent writing style that suits the story perfectly. But it’s the sharply evocative sense of place that will probably grip readers hardest and hold them longest.”
                                                                          Dick Adler, Chicago Tribune

“As compelling and intriguing a mystery as I’ve read in as long as I can remember. . .  It is a wonderful book that exists on a number of levels.  It’s a police procedural. It takes me . . . to a place—the Upper Peninsula of Michigan—that Henry evokes in a way that I feel that I have been there.”                                                 Rick Kogan, WGN Radio

“Kisor’s engrossing, witty tale is written in smart, accessible style that captures all the required ingredients of a contemporary mystery novel.”                                               Mary Houlihan, Chicago Sun-Times

“A beautifully crafted mystery that is both compelling and poignant.”
                                                                                                     Scott Turow

“A satisfying mystery with a clever plot, engaging protagonist, and believable dialogue.  And Kisor doesn’t stop there.  He adds a nice love story and even tosses in a little homespun Christmas cheer.  An impressive debut."                                               Wes Lukowsky, Booklist

“A solid mystery debut.”                                               Publisher’s Weekly

Season’s Revenge is a compelling book for two reasons. First of all, Henry Kisor has told a crackerjack mystery story. Secondly, he has created a vivid portrait for those who are fortunate enough to be familiar with the atmosphere and the environment of the Upper Peninsula of Michigan along the shores of Lake Superior in the Porcupine Mountains region where so many Finnish immigrants settled. This is a special segment of American culture and life which deserves to be much better known and will be after this book has been read.”                                                                    Andrew M. Greeley

Season’s Revenge is a great read, a high-octane plot and an authentic Upper Peninsula of Michigan setting. I hope Deputy Sheriff Steve Martinez is going to be back in many more adventures.”
                                                                                            Barbara D’Amato

”What really hooked me, however, was the story itself.  It is a most fascinating and imaginative tale of murder.  I have said that the writing of ‘true-crime’ is more like paint-by-numbers, albeit you have to make sure you stay inside the lines to present a true and clear picture.  The plot Kisor concocted from the recesses of his cranium was a mind-blower of a story.”             Dave Distel, Ontonagon Herald

“A good yarn with an unusual murder (by a bear) . . . Steve Martinez . . . ties all the loose ends together and solves the strange case in a very satisfying manner.  It’s a quick read and for those who love this part of the world, a treat, whether you are a fan of mysteries or not (there’s a bit of romance, too).”                           Ironwood Daily Globe

“. . . Not only creates the sort of suspense that kept me turning pages, it paints an authentic portrait of life in rural America. Kisor also inserted the subplot of a budding romance, rather deftly handling the sex, and entertained me with a lot of natural lore about bears in the northern woods (especially whether a bear can be used as a murder weapon).”                                        Jan Herman,

”A light, enjoyable mystery, with a deft use of setting, realistic and intriguing characters, and a plot that is interesting and direct.”
                                    David Montgomery,

“This first novel from Kisor is charming, touching, and altogether a great read.  Martinez, Lakota by birth, but raised in the Anglo world is a man torn between two cultures.  Kisor makes the most of this in a sincere and honest way, adding depth and appeal to this already suspenseful and compelling tale.  The environs of the Upper Peninsula also add much to this atmospheric read, as well as the interesting asides of some fascinating bear trivia.  This first from Kisor shows extreme promise, and we hope there’s more on the way.”
                                       Karen Treanor, New Mystery Reader Magazine

“It’s a winner . . . Kisor has crafted a compelling mystery, braiding many strands of plot into a satisfying story.  Let’s hope Kisor plans to give us more of Martinez’s adventures.”
                                             Carroll Johnson,

“Combining nature writing, local color, romance, historical oddities, and sound detective work with a pleasant dose of holiday sentiment, the first case for Deputy Sheriff Steve Martinez heralds a promising new series.”                    Jon L. Breen, Ellery Queen Mystery Magazine

“Take an intriguing mystery, add in well developed characters, and place it in a unique setting and you have the ingredients for a good old fashioned story.  And at its basic level that is what is enjoyable about Season’s Revenge.  Despite only being a couple of hundred pages, it is a good story with believable and interesting characters and a subtle portrait of a unique part of this country.”
                                               Kevin Holtsberry,

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