“. . . Don’t some parts of the country just seem more conducive to murder? Michigan’s cold and remote Upper Peninsula comes to my mind, as it did to Henry Kisor, who wrote a nasty Christmas story (“Season’s Revenge”), set on the shores of Lake Superior, in which a guy goes into the woods and gets eaten by a bear. The quick-witted detective Kisor introduced in that mystery, a deputy sheriff of Lakota Sioux ancestry named Steve Martinez, returns in A VENTURE INTO MURDER (Forge, $23.95), to look into another homicide committed in the frontier outpost of Porcupine County—“frontier” being defined as any county with fewer than seven people per square mile. The mystery has its strong points, but the real draw is the region itself, ‘beautiful and isolated’ to someone who knows it, mysterious and dangerous to an impressionable reader.”
                                         Marilyn Stasio, New York Times Book Review

“Deputy Stephen Martinez, who makes an appealing laid-back philosopher-detective, gets on the case in Kisor’s delightful encore to ‘Season’s Revenge’ (2003) . . . Sharp-witted dialogue, rustic ambience and intriguing, character-driven tangents will keep readers turning the pages.”                                                                        Publishers Weekly

“Strong characters, warm confident prose.”                    Kirkus Reviews

“Beautiful, rural Michigan is the backdrop for this captivating mystery, which boasts an eminently likeable protagonist.  Kisor . . . has a lyrical writing style that’s perfect for this well-constructed novel.”                                    Sheri Meinick, Romantic Times magazine

“Martinez is an intriguingly flawed protagonist, and the claustrophobic, everybody-knows-all-my-secrets paranoia of rural, small-town life is unerringly portrayed.” Wes Lukowsky, Booklist

“I never got to Season’s Revenge ($6.99), Kisor’s well-reviewed Christmas crime of 2003.  And MM informs me I missed a treat judging by how well she likes sleepy Porcupine County’s Deputy Stephen Martinez’s second case. Indian, often thought to be Latino, Martinez, who grew up “white” in the East, has grown to love his roots and Michigan’s Upper Peninsula.  He doesn’t love the corpse of the Chicago mobster spit out of Lake Superior or the second body in the old copper mine now being worked by a Chicago North Shore hotshot as an underground nursery for fancy seedlings and pharmaceutical plants.  A skeleton turns up, that of a century-old murdered miner, so Martinez enlists his girl, the town historian, in the case.  If you like your murders low-key yet sharp, Kisor is for you. Our December. Surprise Me! Club Pick.”
                                                Poisoned Pen Bookstore, Phoenix, Arizona

“With the plot intricacy and character development of a P.D. James work and a rural backdrop similar to the one employed by Joel and Ethan Coen in their classic motion picture “Fargo,” “A Venture into Murder” is a delightfully unique and entertaining read. The tagline for “Fargo” also fittingly describes Kisor’s Steve Martinez novels: “A lot can happen in the middle of nowhere.”
             Paul Goat Allen, Barnes and Noble Ransom Notes Newsletter

“Kisor, who obviously shares Martinez’s love for the area, wrote a wonderful book about learning to fly a light plane at an advanced age. Not surprisingly, Martinez gets to soar through the air as he chases after the truth.”                                            Dick Adler, Chicago Tribune

“Pleasant . . . Kisor has created a very real UP town where everyone knows each other and when two good old boys take to getting drunk and shooting at each other in the woods, it’s treated as a mere annoyance.”                                              Ron Bernas, Detroit Free Press

“Admirable . . . Kisor’s writing is stylish, clear and hard-boiled, with an interesting protagonist and a well-drawn plot. His title is as dreadful as the novel is good.”  Les Roberts, Cleveland Plain Dealer

“Many authors can put out a good mystery, but few can eloquently describe the vibrant and unique way of small-town life in this distinctive region as does Henry Kisor. . . There’s also great suspense to provide plenty of thrills, along with characters that charm and delight, both making for one clever and stimulating read. If you haven’t caught on to this great new series, let this be your motivation to give it a try.”                       Stephanie Padilla, New Mystery Reader

“In the hands of a gifted writer, the scenery can be almost as important as the story. Henry Kisor is such a writer; his perceptive and mostly affectionate rendering of Michigan’s Upper Peninsula landscape and its frequently eccentric inhabitants lifts his novel out of the ordinary . . . [As] a glimpse of the U.P.’s unique way of life, upon which our modern culture has made little impact, it is instructive and entertaining.”                           Robert Wade, San Diego Union-Tribune

“Henry Kisor has written a compelling novel about police work in a small town of entertaining and intelligent characters. He has skillfully interwoven two mysterious death, their causes and their solutions by a central character with strength, character and charm.”
                                                        Laurie Trimble, Dallas Morning News

“Kisor has created a vivid setting with appealing characters . . . Fans of Steve Hamilton and William Kent Krueger are likely to enjoy getting to know Steve Martinez.”
                                                 Barbara Fister, Mystery Scene Magazine

“Kisor writes smoothly and thoughtfully, evoking the sweet smells of forest and shore. His characters are diverse and well-formed. New situations emerge right to the end leaving the reader wanting more. This is a great bet for a stormy afternoon.”
                                                                         Kingston (Mass.) Observer

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